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Wed Oct 7 16:18:43 CEST 2020

Dear Suzuki-san,

Thank you for your comments. Please see my responses below.
On Wednesday, October 7, 2020 5:01 AM suzuki toshiya wrote:

> The AHG conducted numerous discussions that touched on many aspects of extending our work into the new technical areas.

> We considered a broad range of approaches and possible solutions that operate on and at the interface between text encoding and font format, including both general and specific aspects of standardization work that may not necessarily fall under the SC29/WG3 umbrella.

Because there is a description "new technical areas", I hope more detailed comment for "not that may not necessarily fall under the SC29/WG3 umbrella". Is it technical mismatch (e.g. a part of ISO/IEC 14496 is inappropriate), or, organizational/procedual mismatch? (e.g. ISO style development is inappropriate).

As you know, the Font and Text CG was created under the W3C umbrella to explore new work items related to text layout and shaping, as well as anything else that may fall between text encoding and font format specification. The work of this CG will most likely produce new specifications related to this areas, as well as new proposals to extend font format specification. Some topics [such as script-specific shaping specifications] may be adjacent, but not directly related to font format, and the new spec may be produced elsewhere (either W3C or Unicode, as the CG decides), other topics such as extending glyph IDs fields to overcome 64K limit are directly related to OFF but require significant, wider community effort, and the results of this work is expected to be offered as an input to SC29/WG3.

The proposal to extend the font file format of ISO/IEC 14496-22, like, LABL table extension proposed by Adam, is still appropriate to be discussed under SC29/WG3 umbrella, without waiting for the formation of the technical group under W3C? I think, Font AHG is keep the motivation to maintain the font file format spec, and not leave it to W3C's technical group.

Yes, the AHG is still an appropriate venue to present and discuss any proposals to extend ISO/IEC 14496-22, and the standard development will continue under SC29/WG3. There are no dependencies between the two groups and both of them operate freely and independently.

Thank you,

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