[MPEG-OTSPEC] Questions about variable composites

Dave Crossland dcrossland at google.com
Thu Aug 24 00:33:18 CEST 2023

On Wed, Aug 23, 2023 at 3:48 PM Skef Iterum <skef at skef.org> wrote:

> It appears that the technology started with an implementation rather than
> a spec and has just evolved that way.

I agree, and the implementation in freetype that you mention may be
suitable as The Reference Implementation.

But, AFAIK, large platform companies are very unhappy about making
standards out of specific implementations rather than specs (except when
its their implementation, lmao). But since Google and Adobe are fine with
the freetype implementation, then the question is to Apple and Microsoft:
If that implementation was documented, would they adjust their
implementations to match?
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