[MPEG-OTSPEC] Scheduling Zoom meeting to discuss new proposals and AHG recommendations

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Mon Jul 3 21:15:28 CEST 2023

>> > Freetype currently has a preference of SVG over COLRv0/COLRv1 if
>> both are present, [...]
>> With the latest release (2.13.1) there is a new load flag
>> `FT_LOAD_NO_SVG` to make FreeType ignore glyphs in > the SVG table.
> Yes, I added that to freetype-py as part of the OT-SVG support (just
> sync'ing some parts), and found that COLRv1 does not render with
> freetype git HEAD correctly (yet),

It probably never will – at least not built-in.  I sincerely hope that
someone is writing a library (or some glue for a 2D graphics library
like Skia) that I can plug into FreeType, similar to an SVG rendering
library.  It wouldn't even be necessary to support every small detail
(for example, multiple color palettes); a basic rendering would


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