[MPEG-OTSPEC] Tentative - Font Format discussion schedule next week

Vladimir Levantovsky vladimir.levantovsky at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 14:54:49 CEST 2023

Dear all,

This is just a heads up on the next week's SC29/WG3 meeting schedule. The
Font Format break-out group discussion will be held on Tuesday at 14:00 UTC
to accommodate both local (Geneva) F2F participants and remote
participation throughout the globe - from Japan to US Pacific time zones.

This meeting will be open to officially accredited WG members only. We will
be using our regular Zoom room (https://iso.zoom.us/my/fontformat) and the
meeting Zoom password that has been distributed to all accredited WG
members. Once the meeting schedule is confirmed at the opening plenary
session (on Monday morning), a separate invite will be sent.

Thank you,
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