[MPEG-OTSPEC] CFF2 stem hint ordering test font

Skef Iterum skef at skef.org
Thu May 16 01:45:05 CEST 2024

As part of the CFF2 hint ordering change (proposed by Adobe, eventually
rolled into Peter Constable's bulk update), we were asked to make a font
with glyphs that use the expanded ordering (stems must be in order in
the default instance but can be out of order in other instances). I made
a test font that is now available here:


The details are in the README.md. The glyphs were derived from Source-Serif
and this font carries the same license.

Adobe tested both its own CoolType rasterizer and the one in FreeType (which
was contributed by Adobe and ultimately derived from CoolType-related code).
Neither seemed to have any trouble with the ordering, in that a) nothing
catastrophic happened and b) the stems were generally well-hinted regardless
of the position of the posi axis. This suggests that those 
implementations are
not relying on the ordering. That isn't too surprising, in that 1) 
implementing a
binary search on the list while also dealing with the hintmask settings 
would be a
pain, and 2) one might not want to rely on all fonts getting the sort 
order right.

We'd be curious to know what the results are when testing with other


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