[mpeg-OTspec] AHG conference call - Composite Fonts Requirements

Ken Lunde lunde at adobe.com
Tue May 12 16:41:47 CEST 2009


The original meeting notes are attached. They were distributed as a  
PPT file, but I turned it into a PDF.

The next meeting is scheduled for this Monday, and I strongly  
encourage at least one person from Apple to attend. Also, please  
contact Vladimir so that the appropriate Apple representatives are  
added to the mpeg-OTspec at yahoogroups.com mailing list.


-- Ken

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On 2009/05/12, at 0:59, Tony Tseung wrote:

> Ken,
> Thanks for including us in the loop. We were however not aware of  
> the meeting and as you had predicted, we are fighting fire here thus  
> could not have attended even if invited. We however intend to be  
> onboard for the composite font format both in spirit and in person.
> As for the meeting notes, I'll need sometime to study it but in  
> general some of the points you responded do resonant well with us  
> although I would stress on less mandates means more efficiency.
> Tony
> On May 11, 2009, at 11:55 AM, Ken Lunde wrote:
>> I am glad that we seem to have the right mix of people and  
>> companies for this, but there is one rather large hole,  
>> specifically the lack of someone from Apple. I realize that they  
>> are busy, but I am sure that the rest of us can state the same  
>> thing. Is anyone from Apple on this mailing list? In other words,  
>> did they choose not to attend last week's meeting, or were they  
>> simply not aware of it. I simply want to know that they are on  
>> board, either in person or in spirit. In other words, if we settle  
>> on a format, but if it doesn't serve Apple's needs, that's a huge  
>> strike against it from Day One.

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