[mpeg-OTspec] Error in 'name' table

Levantovsky, Vladimir vladimir.levantovsky at monotypeimaging.com
Mon Aug 8 17:08:36 CEST 2011

I think there are two related issues here:

1) which script name Oriya vs. Odia is more appropriate to use (which would need changes in both script tag table and in the encoding ID table), and

2) in the 'name' table, the same encoding ID 0x0448 is listed for both Oriya/Odia and Wolof. 

The correct encoding ID for Wolof as Michelle pointed out is 0x0488, and this needs to be fixed regardless of whether we decide to update the script name for Oriya. We have a current amendment that is now under DIS ballot, where we already introduced changes to the script and language tags, so if we decide that the use of the new script name "Odia" would be preferred from now on we can make the comment in response to the open ballot and get this changed. Updating the encoding ID in the 'name' table is a different issue - I am not sure if new changes can be introduced in the amendment at this stage. 

If we could make the case that these two changes are related to the same issue of script identification (and therefore connected to each other even though the tables are located in the different parts of the spec) we can make it a part of the ballot comments and let WG11 decide if this can be done in the current amendment. Otherwise, we may need to issue a corrigendum to address the error in the encoding ID table.


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> Michelle Perham wrote:
> > Perhaps it would be more appropriate to put the former name in
> > parenthesis: Odia (Oriya) or Odia (formerly Oriya)
> There was some discussion about this on the Unicode Indic list, in
> terms
> of the name of the script in Unicode and ISO 10646. I believe no action
> is being taken there, at least not yet, and as was pointed out that
> this
> isn't really a change in name but the substitution of one romanisation
> of the name for another, and potentially opens the doors to others,
> e.g.
> Bangla instead of Bengali.
> Perhaps the question to ask is whether an OpenType script name is more
> like a city or more like a duck, i.e. Beijing or Peking?
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