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The Zazaki language currently only has its Dimli variation with a language
tag in the latest draft:
Dimli DIQ diq
But in ISO 639-3 Zazaki is a macrolanguage see
There is no OT language tag for Zazaki 'zza' or the other variant Kirmanjki

Like Turkish, some Zazaki orthography uses the dotless i and would require
the correct features in Latin fonts.

To go back on the topic of Luba-Lulua and Luba-Kasai. There is no
difference in their orthographic systems at the glyph level. Both languages
use the Standardized spelling rules that were defined in 1971 for the
national languages (including Tshiluba/Luba-Kasai) and other languages of
Congo-Kinshasa (Zaire back then).
However they are different languages, it makes sense for them to have
different tags.


On 17 July 2013 19:06, Levantovsky, Vladimir <
vladimir.levantovsky at monotype.com> wrote:

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>  [Attachment(s) <#13fedd0526403e8d_TopText> from Levantovsky, Vladimir
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>  Dear AHG members,****
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> I made an attempt to summarize the discussions we had throughout last few
> months in order to identify the remaining updates that didn’t make it yet
> to the text of the Working Draft of the 3rd edition OFF standard (ISO/IEC
> 14496-22). Please see attached for your review, comments and feedback
> (especially if I missed anything) are welcome and much appreciated.****
> ** **
> One issue (highlighted in the draft) is the addition of the Language
> System tag for Armenian East (assuming that the currently established tag
> for Armenian is predominantly in use for Armenian West). According to the
> email from John Hudson (
> http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/mpeg-OTspec/message/1000) it would be
> appropriate to consider adding a new tag to identify orthographic
> distinctions between these two language variants. I propose to consider
> HYE0 (as a variant of HYE) for it. This is the only change that we not yet
> approved so please review the draft and respond with any objections you may
> have. If I don’t hear from you by Monday next week I will consider the lack
> of response as approval and will submit the draft to ISO SC29/WG11 for
> further consideration.****
> ** **
> Thank you,****
> Vladimir****
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