[OpenType] RE: [mpeg-OTspec] Re: Languages tags (Buruchaski & North Slavey)

John Hudson john at tiro.ca
Tue May 24 18:58:26 CEST 2016

On 24/05/16 09:30, Denis Jacquerye wrote:
> The OT language system tag SLA already maps to ISO 639 [scs] (the ISO 
> 639 code for North Slavey).
> Slavey; SLA; scs

Mapping of OTL language system tags to ISO 639 codes was not part of the 
original intent of the former, and I'm still not convinced it is a good 
idea, since they represent different types of data that only sometimes 
align. I certainly don't think it makes sense to use ISO 639 codes — 
which I think can only constitute an annotation to OTL language system 
tags — to determine the intent of the latter.

That said, in this case I don't imagine there are many fonts that would 
be affected by redefining SLA as North Slavey.



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